Elliot Rush Musk Biography: Age, Net Worth, Parents, Elon Musk, Instagram

Elliot Rush Musk is a well-known celebrity child who has gained attention due to his unique family background. He is the son of Jana Bezuidenhout and the step-grandson of Errol Musk.

However, his connection to his famous stepbrother, Elon Musk, makes Elliot stand out. As the founder and CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk is not only a billionaire but also one of the most influential people in the world.

With such prominent family ties, Elliot Rush Musk has garnered significant public interest.


  • Full Name: Elliot Rush Musk
  • Date of Birth: 2017
  • Age: 6
  • Gender: Male
  • Place of Birth: South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Profession: N/A
  • Parents: Errol Musk (father), Jana Bezuidenhout (mother)
  • Siblings: Elon Musk (half-brother), among others
  • Relationship Status: N/A
  • Net Worth: N/A

Early Life & Education

Elliot Rush Musk, currently at 6, was born in South Africa. He is the son of Errol Musk and Jana Bezuidenhout. Errol, a South African electromechanical engineer, pilot, sailor, and consultant, was born in 1946.

He grew up in Pretoria, South Africa, where he attended Clapham High School. During his time at high school, Errol met Maye Haldeman, who later became his wife.

Errol Musk is known for his scandalous lifestyle and strained relationships with his children. However, Elliot’s upbringing and early life are not extensively documented, as he is still very young.

Personal Life

Elliot Rush Musk’s personal life revolves around his family. His mother, Jana Bezuidenhout, is the stepdaughter of Errol Musk, while his famous stepbrother is Elon Musk. As for his romantic relationships, it is too early to discuss them, as he is just a young child.


Given his age, Elliot Rush Musk has yet to embark on a professional career.

Currently, he is primarily known as the son of Jana Bezuidenhout and the step-grandson of Errol Musk, which has led to his public recognition.

Net Worth

As a child, Elliot Rush Musk does not have an independent net worth.

However, considering his family’s immense wealth, including his stepfather’s prominence as a businessman, it can be assumed that Elliot will inherit a significant fortune.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: N/A
  • Twitter handle: N/A

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